Columbus OH June 25, 2014… Choice Recovery, a Columbus-based collection agency, is making a difference for consumers in collection by helping them find what they need most – a job.

Since many people have accrued debt because they have become unemployed, Choice Recovery took action and launched their Customer Care Department in early 2014.  The sole purpose of Customer Care is to provide consumers with no-cost services that include: resume creation, help with applications, job search and placement, navigating federal assistance sites, and debt consolidation.

Customer Care is available to all individuals whose debt is in collection at Choice Recovery. Currently, there are over 100 individuals who are actively working with Customer Care and nearly half are already in the job search and placement process.

John Blaney of Jacksonville, Florida, is one of many consumers who found employment because of assistance from Choice Recovery’s Customer Care Department. Blaney was part of a group lay-off from a large bank in Jacksonville nearly eight months ago – and said the stress and depression from not finding another job was hard on the entire family. “Never before had I encountered such a difficult time gaining employment,” he said. But after talking with a debt recovery specialist and subsequently Andrea Malis, Director of the Customer Care Department, Blaney had renewed hope – and a lead on a job at another Jacksonville bank.

“Andrea’s assistance and persistence led me to apply for the position. I went through two interviews and received the position. Thanks to Andrea’s dedication, my family has a home to live in and meals to eat. Customer Care is definitely the proper name of the department.”

John Olmstead, Chief Operating Officer at Choice Recovery, said that it is gratifying to know that Choice Recovery is making a difference in people’s lives. “We are living out our goal to change the perception of collections. Knowing we can bring hope to consumers in need is a reward not usually experienced in our industry.”

Licensed to collect nationwide, Choice Recovery has been providing debt recovery services since 1997 and currently partners with over 4,000 healthcare practices, higher education institutions, and commercial companies. In 2013 and 2014, the company received one of Columbus CEO magazine’s “Small Business Top Workplace” designations, and was also recognized nationally in November 2013 as one of the best places to work in the collections industry.