There’s a new trend in business: disruptive companies and disruptive ideas. I like to think that we at Choice Recovery are disruptive. Not unorganized, chaotic or intrusive, but as an innovative trendsetter in the collections industry. We like to think outside the box – and make a difference for our clients – and for their clients in collections with us.

The paradigm of disruption can be organizational – the disruptive company, or driven by an employee – personal disruption.  Both are philosophies that can make a company stand out not only as innovative, but potentially industry-changing.

Let me ask you this: how many collection agencies have you heard of that help find jobs for those who are in collections and unemployed? How many collection agencies do you know that help those same individuals with a job search, build a strong resume, fill out applications, provide information on how to attain a GED and more? Furthermore, just how many of those agencies do you think do this for free?

I am proud that Choice Recovery does all that and more, and we just may be the “disruption” the industry needs to dispel myths and stereotypes about collections specialists. Our company disruption model was developed in 2014 through our

[re]start Department, as a tool to help our clients (and theirs) with the collections process. While our primary purpose is to recover debt for our clients, we also know that “life happens,” and that many consumers in collections want to rebound from unexpected circumstances, specifically the loss of a job, that created their financial difficulty. We also know that these same individuals could use some help to turn things around and make life better.

The successful disruption of [re]start is evident. Since it was created, hundreds of consumers are now re-employed, getting back on track, and repaying their debt.  Our best measure of disruptive success comes from consumers whose lives are also now “disrupted” in a way that gives them hope for the future, as they work to achieve financial accountability.

Melissa M., Office Manager, W Insulation:  It took them less time to find me employment than the temp agency that I have been working with for over a year!

Colleen B. Department Manager, Airports Council International: Who ever heard of a debt collector helping folks find a job? Priceless, brilliant.

Do you want change in your life, your career – even your industry? Take time to consider your disruptive potential. Read a recent LinkedIn post online at and potentially change your personal or professional destiny.

Make a difference, leave a lasting impression through disruption … and may the force be with you!