If you’re looking for a collection agency, you already know that each dollar recovered goes straight to your bottom line. What you may not know is this: what happens inside your collection agency has a direct impact on how much money they collect for you.

There’s a direct link between
collection performance and our company culture.

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Choice Recovery clients

Talk to a live person when they call with questions

Get instant answers to their questions

Know the relationships built by Choice Recovery Consultants allow their consumers to speak to the same consultant who they trust

Get a consultant who customizes the collection approach and offers multiple solutions if they can’t collect

Clients with most collection agencies

Talk to voicemail and wait for a return call

Wait days to get responses (or never get them at all)

Get left to wonder how their consumers are treated by whichever collector is available day-to-day

Get a collector who reads off a script robotically, then gives up when it doesn’t work

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Choice Recovery different from other agencies.

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