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    BBB Accredited Business

    Frequently Asked Questions

    We provide all our clients with a highly competitive contingency fee, regardless of the size or age, based on the volume of business you entrust to us.
    There are NO contracts, monthly minimums, or an annual term required to use our service. Instead, we EARN your business each and every day by working harder to collect your delinquent accounts.
    Based on client input, we report new and updated delinquent account information to Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion on a monthly basis.
    Accounts can be submitted via our website, sent electronically through secure email, and/or a FTP connection. We also accept accounts that are faxed or sent via standard USPS. When we receive accounts electronically, in either a standard CSV or a delimited file format, we can immediately place them into our system which ensures a faster turnaround.
    Client checks and statements are sent on the first day of each month. Your statement will come with an itemized remittance showing a breakdown of payments and account statuses.
    Clients can use a secure login to transmit payments using our online portal, email us the information, and/or call our office to talk with a live person. We actually answer our phones!
    Yes. We provide online access for our clients to securely login to view their accounts and, when needed, run hundreds of reports.
    We treat patients and consumers entrusted to our care with the same kindness and respect that we treat our clients.

    We help people manage their debt by negotiating payment plans and, if needed, finding them jobs! We send letters AND make calls before the accounts are eligible to credit report.

    The best kind – higher returns than what you are getting today! When our recovery results are compared side-by-side with our competitors, we never lose.

    Based in Columbus, Ohio, we are licensed to collect in every state, excluding: Maine, Massachusetts, Nebraska, Nevada, North Dakota, Wisconsin, and Wyoming.

    We are currently licensed and have clients in 40 states. Please call us for references located in your specific area.
    We will accept balances for as little as $5.00
    Yes. Every Choice Recovery employee must successfully complete their initial FDCPA and HIPAA training, as well as pass an annual compliance assessment. All FDCPA materials and testing are approved by the American Collectors Association. HIPAA training is provided by Healthcare Compliance Pros.

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