At Choice Recovery, we believe that while most people want to lead, it’s hard work to do it well. That’s why we invest in the development of every team member—with an invitation to participate in an executive leadership program, Built To Lead.

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"This job has given me so much, I just can't say enough about all of it. From the very top of the Leaders who are such respectful caring people. I have never in my life worked with Leaders like these people before. They all truly care about your success and do all they can to support and help you do your very best. To all of my coworkers who truly care about each other, they are always there to support each other for whatever one of us might need help with. It is truly a dream job come true for me. We make our own schedule, as we have an open 40. This gives me so much opportunity to make my work and personal life so easy. I have dreamed of a job like this for so many years and I finally found it."

"No company is ever perfect. Equipment and software can fail, clients can be rude, team members may not always be top-notch. But at Choice, they don't try to hide any imperfections. Instead, they let the entire team know they are aware of the imperfections and what is being done to improve them. I truly believe when I say that you really do have a 'Voice at Choice.' The leaders crave our feedback, especially when it is not so flattering. They make it easier for us to take their not so flattering feedback and truly do give the sense that we are in fact all in this together."

"There are many examples I could give here, but will use the pandemic as my example. In a very short time, the leadership made it possible so that everyone could work from home. That required, updating computer software, purchasing new equipment and communicating the plan to all of us. No easy feat in the space of 3 weeks. During the time we were working from home, they were checking on us, to make sure that everything was working and that we were in a safe environment."

"This company is truly one of a kind. Its somewhere you can be yourself and not have to worry about being judged or shamed for who you are. We welcome people with open arms. Choice is a place of love, integrity, forgiveness, motivation, and endless goals. It cares about its people and their success and even their personal success outside of work. The people are Choice are one of a kind, full of love, and lots of wisdom. I couldn't see myself being anywhere else."