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Culture Counts

Choosing a collection agency isn’t easy and, regardless of what many think, every collection agency is different. Requesting information [...]

Reading Reports

After an exhaustive search, you turned your accounts over to a collection agency. The agency has had a few [...]

Best Practices

It’s important to consider a collection agency’s reputation and integrity when choosing the right one for your business. You [...]

What to expect from your Agency

You’ve done your due diligence and selected the collection agency you want to represent your business. Now it’s time [...]

Choosing the Right Partner

As a successful business, you want your partnerships to be reputable, credible and reliable. The collection agency you select [...]

Your Compliance Checklist

COMPLIANCE QUESTIONS Click the link below to get your checklist. Send prior so that you already have the answers [...]

Evaluate Your Agency with These Questions

Imagine someone walked into your of ce and told you that everyone in your industry is the same. Ridiculous, [...]

Franklin University Case Study

Franklin University is the second-largest private university in Ohio. Many students are working parents who want a better future. [...]

MedFlight case study

Established in 1995, MedFlight is a not-for-pro t air and ground critical care transportation company based in Columbus, Ohio. [...]

Is it Time to Pass the Buck?

Is your business or healthcare practice struggling with a growing pile of unpaid accounts receivable carried over each year? Do [...]

Billing … too much fun for words!

Let’s face it – billing can be a boring job for the staff. It’s not exciting and not much changes [...]

Disrupt Yourself

There’s a new trend in business: disruptive companies and disruptive ideas. I like to think that we at Choice Recovery [...]