Chad Silverstein

Chad Silverstein

|Founder of Choice Recovery

At Choice Recovery, we feel a responsibility to do more than just collect money. That’s why we offer those in debt an opportunity to work with our [re]start team. We have found that the best solution to helping people pay their bills is to help them get out of debt.

Our specialists will help people in collections build a new resume, secure a new job, and offer them support throughout the entire process.

Real World Testimonials

Joshua and his [re]start team.

Meet Joshua

I have had the pleasure of dealing with your company on my debt. I never thought I would say that about a debt collection company. I have been blessed working with the [re]start team and appreciate their enthusiasm, persistence, and dedication to finding me meaningful employment. Their diligence helped me find a position that offers financial independence for my family.


I cannot begin to explain the amount of relief and surprise I felt when I talked to Choice Recovery and they explained how the [re]start team works. The help that [re]start provided in building my resume and searching for jobs was what I needed to achieve stable employment.


The [re]start team went through different employment avenues I wanted to explore and fine-tuned them for me.  The [re]start program you have put together is wonderful.  Who has ever heard of a debt collector helping folks find a job? Priceless, brilliant.


The [re]start team reworked my resume and applied for multiple jobs.  They checked in with me on a weekly basis and always encouraged and believed in me.  I recently received a call from a firm in Chicago which had a position available.  I cannot thank the [re]start team enough for all they did for my job search!


I can’t say enough about the [re]start program that provides employment assistance to people such as myself. I never thought that a company that I dreaded dealing with as a collections agency would be the biggest help to my finding employment!


I explained to the [re]start team that I was pregnant and they explained that they would assist me in putting applications out. Needless to say, I was thrilled! It was unheard of: a collections company who would take time to help its customers find employment. The work that you are doing is invaluable. Thank you, so much for all that you have done for me!


I cannot say enough good things about Choice Recovery.  The [re]start team helped me get a job and were so supportive of my needs as I was struggling to find one on my own.  The help I received over the past few months has been the best I have ever experienced!


My experience with Choice Recovery was the most beautiful thing that ever happened to me. I highly appreciate every single effort you’ve made to help me get a job. Everywhere I go, I will recommend your service to everyone.

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